Leonard H. Craver

Leonard H. Craver
Leonard H. "Tony" Craver

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


        Here I go bragging about Duke again but this is some pretty cool stuff.  The Wall Street Journal recently ranked the top universities in the land and came up with Harvard at number one and Duke at number five. However, in a follow up survey called “The Colleges Whose Graduates Do Best Financially”, Duke and Harvard were tied for number one.  I do not think they took into consideration the salary of all of Duke’s NBA alumnae or we might have been number one by ourselves.
      Let me also point out that  Times Higher Education ranked the world’s top ten law schools.  They were #1 Duke, #2 Stanford, #3 Yale, #4 U of Chicago, #5 Cambridge, #6 Oxford, #7 U of Melbourne, #8 Col. Of London, #9 Harvard, #10 U of Toronto.