Leonard H. Craver

Leonard H. Craver
Leonard H. "Tony" Craver

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Here is a bunch of “stuff”, for lack of a better word, but I think you will find it interesting.
· Cushman Wakefield’s global chief economist says to “expect the largest economic expansion since WWII. That should get this newsletter off to a good start.
· Despite all of the negative press over NC’s HB2, tourism in the state last year set a record volume of $22.9 billion. That is up 4% over the record set in 2015. It’s too bad the ACC and the NBA did not enjoy our beautiful state as well.
· USA Today has an interesting list of America’s most “literate” cities. Washington DC was #1. Other notables included #13 Raleigh, #15 Durham, #38 Greensboro and #44 Charlotte. I hope I spelled that right.
· Here is one you will like. Vogue declared Durham as North Carolina’s “Hippest” city. They said it was thanks to (their order) Duke men’s basketball, the restaurant scene, DPAC, American Tobacco and Brightleaf Square, the Durham Bulls, and the old Durham Athletic Park where the Bull Durham movie was filmed.
· If you have nothing to do next Saturday afternoon I suggest you take a ride to downtown Durham. The city is riding a wave of expansion you just will not believe. The wave is also rolling into east central Durham with amazing new homes and offices. Don’t limit yourself to just one street—explore a little, then take advantage of the “restaurant scene” that impressed Vogue so much.
· Some lists automatically make you question their validity. “Niche”, whoever that is, published a list of the “Best Places to live in North Carolina”. I think the researcher lived in Raleigh and his /her parents lived in Charlotte. Of the 25 cities, 10 were in and around Raleigh and Chapel Hill and 10 were in Mecklenburg County (Charlotte). The other five were in the mountains and the Triad, including one of my favorites, #18 Clemmons.
· Not everything is rosy. Travel and Leisure listed the “Rudest” cities. In the US. Miami was #1 and the usual suspects, New York and L A were high on the list. The bad news is that Charlotte was #14.

 · Finally the same group listed the top ten places for Millennials to settle. Salt Lake City was # 1 and Miami was #2- both made the “Rude” list also. Maybe some fresh new life is what they need.