Leonard H. Craver

Leonard H. Craver
Leonard H. "Tony" Craver

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Bob Baranick, a former Disney “imagineer” who helped design Epcot
and Disneyland Paris has announced his intention to develop a
theme park in…….wait for it…..Saxapahaw. I love Saxapahaw and
there is definitely not another theme park there to compete. They
are going to feature a train ride so I will be there.
 There are a lot of professional and not so professional house flippers
out there, all inspired by their favorite flipping show on TV.
ATTOM Data Solutions recently studied this art form and listed the
top 25 zip codes in the Triangle for profitable flipping. There is such
a thing as unprofitable flipping. Not too surprisingly, six of the top
ten zip codes are in Durham. Here they are: #9 27705, #7 27712, #5
27704, #3 27703, #2 27707 and #1 is 27701.
 There is a list out of the most expensive listing in each state. North
Carolina’s contribution is a house in Asheville on top of the mountain
overlooking the city. It can be yours for just $10.95 million.
That’s cheap compared to the California entry overlooking the Pacific
for a measly $250 million.
 The top tourist attraction in North Carolina last year was the NC
Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh with 937,341 visitors.
Durham’s Museum of Life and Science came in 7th. The Duke Chapel,
usually high on this list, was closed last year for restoration.
 Even though almost every TV show takes place in the city there is a
movement once again to the suburbs. So naturally someone has
made a list of the hottest suburbs in the U S. Checking in at # 10 is
the Apex area followed closely at # 12 by the Wildwood/Allen/Mint
Hill area near Charlotte. Who’s number one? That belongs to a suburb
of Denver. It is growing like a weed. I couldn’t resist!
 U S News and World Report comes up with a best places to live in
America list every year. I do not understand how you can be # 2 one
year and # 6 the next year. Yes I do. They sell more magazines if
they mix it up a little. Former number one a few years ago, Raleigh-
Durham came in at # 7 this time. Charlotte was #14, Winston-Salem
# 37 and Greensboro #51. One and two were Austin and Denver.
 If you are painting your front porch this weekend, don’t complain.
The Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, MI is repainting the world’s
longest and most beautiful porch along with you. I try to make it a
point to visit this 660 foot long porch every summer. You should