Leonard H. Craver

Leonard H. Craver
Leonard H. "Tony" Craver

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Are you happy? According to the Associated Press Science Department
you are not. They have been collecting data since 2012 from countries
all over the world to determine which countries have the happiest
citizens. The winner is Norway followed by Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland
and Finland. Obviously climate was not a criteria. Canada was 7th and the
U S was 14th. The bottom five were the Central African Republic (last
place), Burundi, Tanzania, Syria and Rwanda.
The article went on to say that the degree of happiness in the U S had
dropped 5 % in the last decade, proving that money does not bring happiness.
If money were a major critiria than why are the five most unhappy
nations among the poorest? I agree with their premise that wealth alone
cannot make you happy except that as the saying goes, rich or poor it is
good to have money. Another interesting observation is that the happy
five have very high taxes that cover health care and education. However I
wonder how happy they would be if that tax burden was raised enough
to include supporting a military strong enough to keep them free. We,
the United States, do that for them and don’t charge a thing. One last
thought: why does it seem that folks from all over the world want to get
to America by any means possible and we are not among the happy five?