Leonard H. Craver

Leonard H. Craver
Leonard H. "Tony" Craver

Saturday, March 5, 2016


I am fortunate enough to be writing this newsletter from my hotel
room in San Antonio, Texas where my wife is attending several days of
meetings. We came down a few days early so we could see the city and
what it has to offer. This is the only major city in the continental US that I
had never visited. After all, it is not “on the beaten path”. I am still not
convinced I would want to be here in the summer, but when you can dine
outside next to flowing water in a short sleeve shirt in February, there is
something special going on here.
Did you know that San Antonio is now the seventh largest city in the
US? It also is the oldest continuous municipality in the country. Sorry Saint
Augustine. San Antonio was a city long before it became a part of the US.
What this town has done with its Riverwalk is amazing and you must take
the full river tour to appreciate it. A lot of cities have a nice specialty feature
but none are as extensive as the Riverwalk. The San Antonio river is
not a large river, barely wider than two passing water taxis’. They have
made 10 plus miles of it a park running through the city with beautifully
landscaped paths on both sides. In the center city area there are several
miles of the Riverwalk lined with restaurants with indoor and outdoor
seating. If you have not been here in a few years you will not believe how
much it has changed. What makes it so cool is that the river is over ten
feet below the city street level. This means you are in another world when
you stroll or dine along Riverwalk. This other world is a combination of
fine European architecture and cuisine and Disney World.
Our Texas daughter and her family joined us for two days. When we
told the grandchildren we were going to tour The Alamo, one of them said
“what’s that?”. That is like saying, “who was John Wayne?”. The Alamo
was a great tour and I certainly learned a lot of history. If you have read
these newsletters for a long time you know I occasionally like to tell you
about interesting places to visit. I especially like memorable meals and
special tables. Last night we ate at Las Canarias on the Riverwalk and it
was truly an all time top five dining experience complete with a top five
table. I can only hope that you get a chance to visit San Antonio some
day, but if you don’t, “Remember the Alamo”.